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Patent No. US 9,407,001

COMPACtenna   …   COMPACT antenna


With a special design construct of spiraled metal sheeting, all resistance, inductance and capacitance (matching) is efficiently done by the physical metallic geometric form of the antenna itself as opposed to internal or external (lossy) components, with better performance than expected for such a small antenna.

And resulting diverse effective magnetic and electric fields further enhance performance in our world of (dynamic) obstructions.


6 Minute Video of Tom Medlin of Interviewing

Dr. Jack Nilsson Regarding 7″ COMPACtenna Model 2M/220/440 :

Technology explained.      COMPACtenna Video Physics Screen Capture IMAGE
Video Link:

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My inventing of novel antenna design technology,
with unique understanding of wave propagation 
and the science of electromagnetism, 
revolves around visions,
and a purpose to help mankind.   
It became my vocation as well.  Dr. Jack Nilsson
Link to History – Dr. Jack Nilsson, Inventor

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Available at:

2M/220/440 at Universal Radio
2M/220/440 at Ham Radio Outlet
2M/220/440 at KB Cubed Hamfests
2M/440 at Universal Radio
2M/440 at Ham Radio Outlet
6M/2M/440 at Universal Radio
6M/2M/440 at Ham Radio Outlet
10M/2M/440 at Universal Radio
10M/2M/440 at Ham Radio Outlet
20M/2M/440 at Universal Radio
20M/2M/440 at Ham Radio Outlet
ShortWave Radio at Universal Radio
ShortWave Radio at Ham Radio Outlet
CB/2M/440 at Universal Radio
CB/2M/440 at Ham Radio Outlet
COMPACtenna model SCAN-III at Universal Radio
COMPACtenna model SCAN-III at Ham Radio Outlet
COMPACtenna model 40M/20M/10M/6M/2M/440, aka 40Mthru440 at Universal Radio
COMPACtenna model 40M/20M/10M/6M/2M/440, aka 40Mthru440 at Ham Radio Outlet