COMPACtenna   …   COMPACT antenna

Unique Electric/Magnetic Field Diversity Science & Technology Patented Design   
Patent No. US 9,407,001
With a special design construct of spiraled and cylindrical metal sheeting
including ‘extended flat monofilar spiral Tesla-like coils’,
all resistance, inductance and capacitance (matching) is efficiently done
by the physical metallic geometric form of the antenna itself,
as opposed to internal or external (lossy) components of other designs.
“Magnetic Field Resonator”: This built-in resonating matching system
is an effectual component of the electromagnetic E & H fields production,
resulting in better performance than expected for such a small antenna.
With a particularly strong magnetic near field, proximity noise is reduced.
And resulting diverse effective electromagnetic fields
further enhance performance in our world of (dynamic) obstructions,
mitigating signal drops, reducing flutter, and increasing reliable range.
Broad elevation coordinate signal pattern, elliptical polarization and phase diversity of COMPACtenna
provides stabilized VHF/UHF signals in our common Non Line of Sight environments,
with temperature and humidity inversion pathways as well as tropospheric propagation, satellite communications.

My inventing of novel antenna design technology,
with unique understanding of wave propagation 
and the science of electromagnetism, 
revolves around visions.
Much meditation, time, energy, and expense then went into engineering 
and patent protection.
Product availabilty grows with the word of this beneficial development in wireless spreading 
via present operations and future business development.
Dr. Jack Nilsson

COMPACtenna Universal Radio Bio of Dr. Jack Nilsson

   Dr. Jack Nilsson History - Invented Antennas on Cleve. Clinic Stroke, Secret Service Vehicles        Dr. Jack Nilsson - History - Physics, Mathematics, Medicine 6 minute YouTube SCREEN CAPTURE
History – Dr. Jack Nilsson – Physics, Mathematics, Medicine   6 minute YouTube link

Dr. Jack Nilsson - Dayton Hamvention 2018 - New Product Showcase - PHOTO
Dayton Hamvention 2018   COMPACtenna New Product Announcement – Video Link

COMPACtenna patented designs for small and super-efficient antennas explained:
COMPACtenna PowerPoint Slide 10-25 Miles Reliability         COMPACtenna PowerPoint Slide 25-50 Miles Reliability
COMPACtenna Quanta – Near & Far Fields – 1 Hr. Talk, then 20 minute Q&A –  Conejo Valley (CA) Amateur Radio Club 1.20.22 – YouTube Link
Dr. Jack Nilsson is an inventor of revolutionary Antenna Science & Technology.
He earned his undergraduate and M.D. degrees from the University of Akron, with honors, 
was awarded the Silver Medal by the Mathematics Association of America,
and received a Formal Technology Honor from the U.S. Secret Service.
His various patented designs are used by many entities including such as 
Washington DC Homeland Security, the Cleveland Clinic Mobile Stroke Ambulance, 
diverse WiFi and Cell Phone networks, US Secret Service, Public Service agencies, 
and Ham Radio Operators.
Dr. Nilsson’s  presentation covers his COMPACtenna patented small yet powerful antennas.
The audience very much enjoyed his enriching talk.

Jack Nilsson QUOTE - Vision small large All Things - and BIBLE VERSES - BOTH

Dr. Jack Nilsson, Inventor – Antennas, EM & Energy