COMPACtenna Installation SNIP 2

Models   2M/220/440  and  2M/440

VHF/UHF COMPACtenna models benefit from some downward-projecting
ground plane counterpoise metal.
For mobile installations the COMPACtenna works best
at/near the corners of the vehicle roof or trunk.
Here are photos of the 7.5″ models on NMO magnet mounts:

COMPACtenna Photo 7inch Single Antenna on Magnet Mount on Vehicle        COMPACtenna Photo Dual Antennas on Vehicle WITH LABELS

COMPACtenna Installation 2M-220-440 Mount Types


Base Station Application

Base Station Antenna ground radials kits work very well with the VHF/UHF COMPACtennas
with the ground plane counterpoise elements bent downward to 70 degrees below the horizon.
COMPACtenna Installation 7 inch models on BSAKIT

COMPACtenna Installation SNIP 6






These models work well with a small ground plane counterpoise
such as shown here using a 3/8″-24 thread magnet mount
on a small (only 3′ x 4′) commonly available galvanized steel flat sheet
or on a steel patio table:

COMPACtenna 20M-2M-440 on floor in house    COMPACtenna Installation 20M-2M-440 on Steel Table


[Model 27-450 below is discontinued]

COMPACtenna Installation SNIP 7

COMPACtenna Installation SNIP 8

COMPACtenna Installation SNIP 9
The tunable tip typically affects (V)SWR very little on 10 meters;
somewhat on 11 meters, 2 meters, 220 and 440 bands;
and more so on 6 meters.
It is the ground plane/counterpoise that the antenna is mounted on/to
and the position of the antenna on it
that typically affects (V)SWR’s the most overall.