COMPACtenna   …   COMPACT antenna



    Ham Radio:  Dual & Tri-Band Antennas
        2 Meters/220/440
        2 Meters/440
        6 Meters/2 Meters/440
        10 Meters/2 Meters/440
        20 Meters/2 Meters/440
        HamR-7 Series

    CB  +  Ham Radio
        CB/2 Meters/440


    Scanner Radio
    Shortwave Radio


    TV   and   FM Stereo
        TV + FM Stereo

eHam Reviews of COMPACtenna

Photo submitted by Kevin Miles of COMPACtenna model SCAN-III mounted on a trailer hitch !!
    [Review of this installation by Kevin below, October 29, 2019.]

COMPACtenna SCAN-III photo on Trailer Hitch!

4 thoughts on “Products

  1. Thank you for your support. Please share your enriching communication experience with your COMPACtenna. Thank you.
    [It is not necessary for you to fill out your name and email.]

  2. I just wanted to let all my Amateur Radio Brothers and Sisters that I have purchased (2) of the Tri-Band compactennas and they are working great! It has been over a month since I received them and they get excellent signal reports by my Ham friends. I used them on my trip to the Huntsville Hamfest last weekend with great results. They look great on my SUV and allow me to get into my garage without hitting the raised door. Also, they are great conversation starters with many people. I highly recommend these for anyone. They are quality antennas that will remain a fixture to my vehicle. To be honest, these will be the last antennas I will ever need for the 4Runner.

  3. Me: I am a former employee of the US military as well as a Amateur Radio operator with a huge interest in LNA’s and wideband SWL and receiving. I have basic electronics training and an X-ray license with basic nuclear physics training. I also have a 85db hearing loss, so I have a huge passion for compensating for it- Im an enthusiast for building LNAs in RF tight enclosures. I have evaluated the 2m/220/440 Compactenna and have determined performance is excellent up to 1500mhz as well as the amateur bands. I highly recommend a pulse-larsen NMO mount dual high frequency/low frequency config. Use NMO mounts on your vehicle or outdoors as they are designed for lower loss at higher frequencies than UHF bulkheads, which is why this mount was chosen for this antenna. NMO is physically stronger in most respects..and brings the antenna very close to ground. I see a very uniform response across all frequencies – probably related to the magnetic M field sensitivity with this design- which helps compensate for E-field reflections. I recommend using an N connector with the NMO mount to your receiver if you have an N or at least a BNC so you can enjoy wideband reception as well as resonance on the Ham bands 2M 220 440. I wanted to write this review earlier, and I am not afilliated with compactenna, and I live in a High RF field environment – the George Washington Bridge area. The technology used in this design has the ability to resist and weather the outdoor elements without degradation due to the weatherproof enclosure..rubber gasket seals, and using low profile materials and the design itself. I am probably going to want to acquire the Scanner Version of this antenna for comparision as well as the SWL version of it because this is a winner of a design especially when you find yourself in high rf field environments – like a world of mirrors/illumination showing the shapes of everything – that is if you could see what RF really looks like.(something Ive been thinking about) KE2BP

  4. I have a diamond super gainer dual band mounted to my trailer hitch and wanted a scanner antenna to mount there also. The supergainer folds over so I can open the hatch. This short scanner antenna doesn’t have to. It’s not in the way. I did not want to mount an antenna anywhere on the body of the vehicle so the trailer hitch works well. I’m surprised how well this antenna receives being as small and mounted very low to the ground as it is. When the supergainer dies I’ll give the compactenna dual band a try mounted in the same location. Highly recommended!

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