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Survivalists  –  Preparedness

    Family Communication & Reunification Plans

        ARES (Amateur Radio Emergency Service)

            Red Cross

                Salvation Army

                    REACT – CB Radio, HAM, Scanner, Shortwave

                        Govt – Emergency Communications Units

Amateur radio — also known as Ham radio — is the best overall way for preppers to keep in contact during an emergency.  THE PREPARED

       THE PREPARED: Emergency Preparedness – Survival Skills – HAM Radio
Home Preparedness, Family Communication System & Reunification
       Disaster Preparedness: Home Checklist-Safety Measures, Escape Routes, Supply Kit;
       Family Communication System & Reunification Plan; Add’l Valuable Resources…
           Much appreciation to Mrs. LouAnne Taylor and library staff, Wyoming for the following link:
              Before & When Disaster Strikes: Your Family, Your Home
           Much appreciation to Denver librarian/educator, Bethany Langston and her students for the following link:
              Home Storm Protection: Emergency Supply Kits, Recovery Plans and Roof Preparation
AmRRON and TAPRN (The American Preparedness Radio Network)
        A Nationwide Emergency Communications Network for Preppers and Patriots
        NATIONWIDE “Emergency Operations Frequencies” (Including Misc. Emergency, NTS and SATERN Nets)
THE SCOUTS:  A very important part of the maintenance and growth of Ham Radio.
And Ham Radio similarly vitally serves in so many good deed acts…
…To serve their communities by providing public service and emergency communications.
From volunteering in communications and other help in such as local marathons, to large disasters in the world,
Amateur Radio is a wonderful fellowship community.
        BOY SCOUTS and GIRL SCOUTS – >1 Million “get together” over the airwaves – Jamboree-on-the-Air (JOTA)
            Girl Scouts Radio Patch
              “A Kids Guide to Disaster Preparedness” – Many Thanks to Abigail Lynwood & her Junior Scouts for this Link
            Boy Scouts of America – Amateur Radio


It’s so interesting and fun learning about radio, and getting your Ham Radio License can be easy nowadays:

        LINK TO HamRadioConcepts YouTube Video about Ham Radio Prep   Pictured Below :
        COMPACtenna HamRadioConcepts - Ham Radio Prep - YouTube Screen Shot
        Ham Radio Prep – Ham Radio Online License Class

ON THE AIR – Ham Radio Nets IN YOUR AREA and AROUND THE WORLD – When to Listen, Participate
SKYWARN   “Keeping communities safe through timely and accurate reports of severe and hazardous weather”
Scanner Radio (Police Scanner) Frequency Finder
Field Radio Podcast
        W7DBO Portable Operations
Emergency Communications Driving Increase in Amateur Radio Operators
ARES – Amateur Radio Emergency Service [ARRL – American Radio Relay League]
        Ohio Section ARES
            Ohio ARES District 10 – North Central and NE Ohio
                Medina County  ARES
        Colorado ARES
            Colorado 4×4 Rescue & Recovery
        ARES Amateur Radio Volunteers at the Ready for California Fire Duty  [ARRL Article 11/13/2018]
            Sacramento Valley Regional ARES
            YouTube – California Wildfires – Greg Kruckewitt, KG6SJT Sacramento ARES Sec. Emergency Coordinator
        ARRL- ARES – Amateur Radio’s Force of Fifty Answers the Red Cross Call in Puerto Rico
        ARRL Article – ARC Emergency Comm. Response Vehicles “…long-term strategy… more portable systems”
        ARC PDF Document “…provide info. …regulations & procedures related to comms. during disaster response”
        Red Cross Upgrades HF Radios with ALE  –  RadioResource Media Group – MissionCritical Communications
        ARCECS – Amateur Radio Emergency Comms. assistance to the American Red Cross – Greater New York Region
        ARC Squared – Amer. Red Cross Amateur Radio Club, Northern New Jersey – Disaster Operations Center (“DOC”)
Salvation Army Team Emergency Radio Network  [SATERN]
REACT, Intl. – Public Services Through Communications    CB – Citizens Band Radio    …HAM, Scanner, Shortwave
        The REACTer – Informative Articles    CB – Citizens Band Radio    …also HAM, Scanner, Shortwave
MARS  –  Military Auxiliary Radio System
        MARS is a Department of Defense sponsored program, with separately managed and operated programs
        by the Army, and Air Force.
        The program organizes and trains licensed amateur radio operators
        to support military communications activities. 
            US Army MARS
            AFMARS – Air Force Military Auxiliary Radio System
Civil Air Patrol – CAP – U.S. Air Force Auxiliary, Communications Program
Government – Communications Units
        APCO – P25
            Project 25 – Technology Interest Group
        Ohio MARCS – Multi-Agency Radio Communications System
        Medina, OH Office of Emergency Management & Homeland Security – Emergency Communications Unit
COMPACtenna Medina EMA Facebook - HamR-7 Donation - Cropped

        U.S. Department of Homeland Security – Citizen Involvement
            FEMA – Federal Emergency Management Agency
                FEMA coordinates the federal government’s role in preparing for, preventing, mitigating the effects of,
                responding to, and recovering from all domestic disasters, whether natural or man-made,
                including acts of terror.
                    FEMA – Federal Emergency Management Agency
                        CERT – Community Emergency Response Team
International Ham Radio Clubs
International Amateur Radio Union

Military, Paramilitary use of COMPACtenna
COMPACtenna Military Style Vehicle - Forum Post
COMPACtenna Military Style Vehicle Photo 1   COMPACtenna Military Style Vehicle Photo 2

    I have a go-light ..goes wonky when I key up with the big dual band (antenna), but doesn’t with the COMPACtenna.
        COMPACtenna STEEL SOLDIERS Photo

DODGE RAM TRUCK Group    …with COMPACtenna
    The COMPACtenna (is) working surprisingly well… I was skeptical about the antenna at first but so far so good…
    …and it doesn’t cause any issues in getting into my relatively low garage.
    I love the COMPACtennas, mine is mounted on a mag mount.
    I have a Compactenna that I can either mount to a crossrail, or I’d prefer to just mount it right into the track.
    Supposedly the way they are designed they also don’t need the same ground plane, which means you have
    more options to mount them. I thought it was BS but the performance so far has been excellent.
        COMPACtenna RAM TRUCKS Forum COMPACtenna Photo

GM TRUCK Group   …with COMPACtenna
    I’ve started working on the radio setup for GMRS/Ham operations.
    Put in a Compactenna based on local feedback here from HRO in town and lots of the local offroaders.
    So far the reception and transmission is good…
    I’m just running a cheap HT to test reception with the new setup until I can figure out what I want to do
    for a real radio in the cab.
    I will say with the Compactenna I can hit GMRS repeaters 10 miles away pretty easily with a 5W HT. 
        COMPACtenna on GM Truck

TOYOTA 4X4 Group   …with COMPACtenna
        compactenna on 4x4 photo